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Central Bank of Nigeria & Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd - CBFS - CBN's Vision to be The Model Central Bank delivering Price and Financial System Stability and Promoting Sustainable Economic Development...
Nigeria High Commission and Cross Border Financial Services - CBFS, Our mission is to co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interests of Nigeria within the United Kingdom in ways that contribute to the enhancement of Nigeria's security...
Debt Management Office & Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd - CBFS - DMO to coordinate the management of Nigeria’s debt and to provide debt management solutions centrally for the whole of Nigeria...

CBFS focuses on the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


CBFSUK is ideally placed to consider your financing requirements for all type of cross border transactions in all parts of the world.


For more information, please contact CBFS for flexible and innovative solutions to your forfaiting needs or for details of CBFS affiliated offices, please visit us at or e-mail.


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you would like to discuss any issues further.


Eric Knudsen, Director, Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, National Bureau of Statistics indicate with a revised calculation of the country’s GDP that Nigeria has become the largest economy of Africa, overtaking South Africa which until recently has been the main economic leader of the continent.


Economic trade growth in Q1 of 2014 shows a rise in exports and creating a greater surplus due to a decline in imports. Analysis of imports shows the origin of those to be from Asian Markets with a big percentage covering consumed goods. Export analysis reveals an increase to markets mainly in Europe and Asia accounting for 43.5% of all exported goods.

More information on the reports can be found here.

Cross-Border Financial Services CBFSUK is a London based financial company specialising in arranging cross border finance for Trade, Project and Forfaiting globally.


CBFS professionals develop creative solutions and are client-driven for the provision of financing structures aimed at eliminating cross border risks and provision of liquidity for exporters on a non-recourse financing basis.

Primary Services


Trade Finance

Leasing Finance

Islamic Financing

Pre-Export Finance

Post-Shipment Finance

Export Finance with deferred payment

Import Finance with deferred payment

Project Finance (with or without E.C.A cover)

Nigeria Finance | CBFS Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd | Import & Export Finance | Trade Import & Export | Nigeria Flag | Forfaiting Globally | Liquidity for Exporters
Nigeria Finance | CBFS Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd | Import & Export Finance | Trade Import & Export | The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria Finance | CBFS Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd | Import & Export Finance | Trade Import & Export | Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics



NINE Nigerian banks have been ranked among the 1000 global banks by our source. The banks are Zenith Bank Plc, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank) and Access Banks. Others are, Diamond Bank Plc, the United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Fidelity Bank Plc & First City Monument Bank. 

The aforementioned banks were also ranked among the top 25 banks in Africa. According to a statement from our source on Monday, Zenith Bank was ranked number one among Nigeria’s top banks in terms of tier-1 capital, but sixth in Africa with a capital of $3.162 billion.


It was followed by Ecobank Transnational which emerged second in Nigeria and 7th in Africa with a capital base of $3.030 billion. First Bank was ranked third in Nigeria and 10th in Africa with a capital of $2.327 billion. Next in the ranking was GTBank which came fourth in Nigeria and 13th in Africa. Our source’s report also placed Access Bank on the fifth position in Nigeria but 15th in Africa with a capital base of $1.398 billion. Others include Diamond Bank which emerged sixth in Nigeria and 17th in Africa, UBA ranked seventh in Nigeria and 17th in Africa while Fidelity Bank ranked eighth in Nigeria and 21 in Africa.

Nigeria Finance | CBFS Cross-Border Financial Services Ltd | Import & Export Finance | Trade Import & Export | Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics

The organisation also placed FCMB ninth in Nigeria to make the top 25 banks in Africa. The statement explained that: “Nigeria’s banks endured a difficult close to 2014, as the significant slump in oil prices caused havoc with the country’s economy. Zenith Bank has held its position as the sixth largest bank in Africa, and First Bank of Nigeria has risen from 424th to 371st on the global list. However, Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust Bank has dropped from 415th to 449th, with its capital base decreasing from $1.95 billion to $1.78 billion.  “Access Bank, Fidelity Bank and United Bank for Africa have also slipped down the rankings, though Diamond Bank joins the African top 25 at 579th in the global rankings.” It further said: “The difficulties of the South African economy are reflected in its banks’ performances in the 2015 Top 1000 ranking, but elsewhere there is good news for Togo’s Ecobank and First Bank of Nigeria.” The statement also noted that: “For South Africa’s banking sector, the largest in Africa, 2014 passed in a similar vein to 2013 – both years were dominated by the weak performance of the national economy and the ensuing volatility of the rand.


In 2013, the rand lost 13% of its value against the dollar, and though 2014 did not see another rapid depreciation, rand volatility remained high. This hampered the ability of South Africa’s banks to improve their capital adequacy. “Standard Bank remains the continent’s largest bank, though it has dropped from 116th to 123rd in the overall ranking and its tier-1 capital has fallen slightly from $10.56 billion to $10.18 billion. FirstRand has held its regional ranking position and increased its capital slightly, but Nedbank Group has dropped from 195th position to 216th and has seen its capital base drop to $4.76 billion, from $5.11 billion. Barclays Africa Group, previously known as Absa Group, would have come third in the African rankings with a tier-1 capital base of $6.09 billion, but is excluded from the main ranking as it is a subsidiary of the UK’s Barclays.”


Cross-Border Financial Services, CBFS, Banks are Financing Nigerian Banks L/c risk with deferred payment and without confirmation at sight.


Soft/Raw commodity with credit of up-to 180 days plus or Hard commodity/Capital goods with credit of 1 year plus.

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