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International, No 1 source for forfaiting around the globe, recommends Cross-Border Financial Services in your local area as their recommended agent. Forfaiting is a highly effective sales tool, which simultaneously improves the Exporter cash flows and eliminates your payment risks. Cross-Border Financial Services avalized by a wide range of Banks with credit periods ranging from 90 days up to 5 years.

Forfaiting to finance against an exporter. Export receivables non-recourse offering protection from Geo-Political or Sovereign risks.
Call Cross-Border Financial Services on +44 845 370 7056 or +44 845 370 7057 to discuss your forfaiting needs.
Cross-Border Financial Services Export Forfaiting details

Key services that Cross-Border Financial Services provides are:

  • A flexible solution easily modified to suit most requirements.

  • Finance your business while managing risks with excellent trade financing options.

  • Forfaiting alternative methods financing international trade.

  • If your business is international CBFSUK will make it local.

  • Purchases, on a without recourse basis debt obligation.

  • Grants companies a facility without recourse reducing risk.

  • Commercial financing and country default risk solution.

  • Discounting without recourse of payment obligations with selective corporate risk.

  • Payments fast and flexible forfaiting receivables.

  • Increasing demand for investment with good infrastructure development in Africa.

Cross-Border Financial Services Import Forfaiting details
Forfaiting Experts Standing by call +44 845 370 7056 or +44 845 370 7057 recognises the importance of strategic locations around the globe and has partnered with Cross-Border Financial Services to bring forfaiting to your business.

Our international offices are located in London United Kingdom, Casablanca Morocco, Victoria Hong-Kong, Sevastopol Crimea, Lagos Nigeria, Grand Gaube Mauritius and Dhaka Bangladesh. 

Forfaiting at is best for your international business, let Cross-Border Financial Services be your source of Import and Export Credit.

Trade Finance Option on a Global scale, Forfaiting around the Globe with Cross-Border Financial Services for the last 25 years!
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